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November 2018
November 2018
November 2018
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"Through the Photographer's Lens" exhibition at the Peninsula Ballet Theatre
Photographers’ interpretations of life in the Bay Area and elsewhere will be on view at the Peninsula Ballet Theater in San Mateo from September 1 through October 30 of this year.  The exhibit will feature the work of seven local photographers, all members of the Peninsula Camera Club, located in San Mateo. The work is highly varied.  Several concentrates on images of the natural world.  For instance, Igor Pilawski is intrigued by mountainscapes and says that his best images are taken while "shivering on a windy alpine summit."  Jennifer O'Donnell shares that type of experience, occasionally standing in hip-deep snow or waiting by lakes in order to capture a moment in nature.  Marshall Dinowitz likes to concentrate on the beauty of the avian world with his images of shorebirds and seabirds.  Peggy Bechtell brings to the viewer "behaviors not easily observed," many from her travels to Alaska and Africa. Photographer William Lapworth's work reflects his deep interest in nature and wildlife, as well as the different places and cultures encountered during his travels.  Meanwhile, photographer Steve Kessler concentrates on the man-made environment, bringing to the show images specifically of Fort Point in San Francisco, while Steve Renwick has chosen to highlight a local Coastside culture in and around Half Moon Bay. The works will be displayed during the months of September and October, in the City Art Gallery of the Peninsula Ballet Theater located at 1880 S. Grant St. in San Mateo.  Admission is free and open to the general public.  For information regarding this exhibit and/or the Peninsula Camera Club (PCC) contact Charles Ginsburgh at or go to the PCC web-site at
Color Prints (7:00 PM PST)
Status: Judged
Monochrome Prints (7:00 PM PST)
Status: Judged
Pictorial Projected Images (7:00 PM PST)
Status: Judged
Special Category Projected Images (Architecture) (7:00 PM PST)
Status: Judged
PCC - Education Evening (7:00 PM PST)

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