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Download Categories
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How to documents
Instructions for supporting various activities of the club
01. Current Organization
Current Documents about organization, such as By Laws, Board Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's Reports
02. Membership and Meetings
Documents related to club membership
03. Competitions
Documents related to conducting competitions
04. Educational Programs
PCC Educational Programs Organized by the Club
05. Events, Programs, and Field Trips
Documents about club events, programs and field trips
06. New Member Materials
Materials to help new members get better acclimated to the Club.
07. Levels Assignments
Information on Levels Assignments for Club Members
08. Classes
Introduction to Photography Class and other instructional materials.
09. Special Awards
Qualifications and Documents for honorary awards
10. Articles
Documents on various photographic topics
11. Images
12. Archived Items
Older items saved in this folder for historical/reference reasons.

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